Transformational Leadership Essay

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The biggest empire in the world was built during the late 11th. It was started by someone who were nothing and subsequently become someone who world would not forget. He is Genghis Khan, one of the greatest leaders in the world. Besides him, there are many famous leaders in the world who has contributed and influenced in many aspects of life. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler or our own father are maybe people whom we considered as a great leader.

Their achievements could not be separated from how they manage people around them, motivate, and being someone who can act as a role model for them. And that leadership is about. Yes, it needs skills to do that and it is not as
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For example, research in the leadership area supports the idea that transformational is better for non-routine situations (Bass, 1985). Furthermore, Pawar and Eastman (1997) propose that organisations will be more receptive to transformational leadership when adaptation (as opposed to efficiency) is the goal.
Transformational leadership increases subordinates awareness of the importance of their tasks and performing it well, their needs for personal growth and motivate them to work for the good of the organisation rather than exclusively for their own personal gain or benefit. Based on Abraham Maslow’s theory of human needs, it recognizes that people have a range of needs, and the extent to which they will perform effectively in the workplace will be affected by the extent to which these needs are satisfied. Transformational Leadership fits into the higher levels, as it requires a high level of self esteem and self actualization to successfully be an authentic transformational leader.
Transformational leadership makes the company more successful by valuing its associates. According to Hesselbein and Cohen (1999, p.263), organizations that take the time to teach leadership are far ahead of the competition. Additionally, by becoming

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