Transformational Leadership : One Of The Most Popular Leadership Styles

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Transformational leadership is one of the most popular leadership styles. According to the text book “Transformational leadership involves four factors: 1. idealized influence, 2. inspirational motivation, 3. intellectual stimulation, and 4. individual consideration.” These four factors make transformational leadership have an impact on followers. The goal of transformational leadership is to cause a positive change in individuals, help motivate them, and develop a leader within each individual. Transformation happens every day, through the transforming of attitude, villages, Countries, and lives. One of the biggest transformations is the Transformation of character. Character changes can affect everything around us. For example if a person who becomes a Christian starts to work on being more polite, people will start to notice around him, which could make those people happier, and he will show the love of Christ, and could possibly share the gospel.
Transformation is a journey that often times does not occur over night. We all want individuals to make a positive change in our lives and try to help people apply a positive change on a daily basis. The leaders do this by implementing individual considerations which, according to Kendrick (2011), “treats each follower as a unique contributor and provides coaching, mentoring, feedback and growth opportunities.” This makes such an impact on people because each individual is getting different mentoring, feedback, and growth…

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