Transformational Leadership : George W. Bush Essay example

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While in office, Obama proved to be realistic and moderate. Obama made some initial attempts to distinguish himself as a reconstructive president. One example would be his executive order banning torture on his first day in office. Obama tried to continue his reconstructive tendencies like his signature achievement, the health-care reform bill. Yet not enough because the bill was largely conservative and when Obama abandoned climate-change legislation. But consistently Obama has continued the policies of the George W. Bush. He commenced a short war against Libya without authorization of Congress. Lastly, he utilizes the right to use unmanned drones to target and assassinate suspected terrorists across the globe. Transformational leadership is still possible if Obama can make the economy better and help ensure a democrat is elected after him. The determination of whether Obama is preemptive or reconstructive will only be recognized till he is finished with his term and whether or not his successor is a democrat.
Stephen Skowronek emphasizes the development of the categorical framework in which to analyze the politics of the presidency and to announce the notion of 'political time '. Skowronek categorizes the presidents into four types: politics of reconstruction, politics of articulation, politics of disjunction, and politics of preemption.
A president can be categorized as a president of politics of reconstruction, if they had enormous freedom to establish a new order, make…

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