The Evolution Of The Presidency

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The President has been someone for every child to look up to for what they do for the country. However, the Presidency has evolved into a thing from a nightmare. The Presidency began because of unfair laws on the poor masses. There were major events such as the British invasion in the South that caused the Presidency to change. Certain Presidents had more to do with the downfall of the presidency then others. The office intern got weaker because of these events and the evolution of the election process. The evolution of the American office in U.S. history has evolved from a prestigious and meaningful duty to one of a controlling figure.

How the office began was when the Articles of Confederation were going to be ratified due to Shay’s
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I believe George Washington changed the Presidency when he went and enforced the whiskey tax in Pennsylvania. With Washington going and enforcing the tax he set the precedent for other Presidents that you can enforce any law on the masses if you have enough manpower to over power the rebels (Beshwate Lecture 7). The next President I believed that had some of the greatest responsibility for these changes would also be James Madison. James Madison was the sole reason as to why the Trail of Tear’s happened. The Trail of Tear’s occurred because Madison promised his voters that if they voted for him that he would get them all more land in the West where the Indian territory was (Beshwate Lecture 7) . Madison essentially showed all future Presidents that if you promise the people what they want no matter how morally wrong it is that it is still okay to give it to the people. The last President I believe that was responsible for the change in the Presidency was Thomas Jefferson with the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was when the United States purchased a large amount of territory from France. Thomas Jefferson purchased this land without any consent from congress or the people (Behwate Lecture 7). Jefferson’s purchase of land for the country was a large power play on Jefferson’s part. Jefferson changed the presidency for future …show more content…
Seeing Madison go from a man of common ground with the people to a man who does as he pleases shows the transformation that the Presidency has on one. When looking at James Madison it is easier to look at his election first. The elections of Presidents also changed who ran for Presidents in my opinion. The elections became a popularity vote and people were no longer concerned with the smarts or knowledge of a man, but what they could promise the masses and then give the masses when they became president. Madison is the perfect example of this. Madison promised anyone who voted for him the chance to have land out west in Indian territory. Eventually this promise got Madison the election. When Madison became president, he gave the people what he promised them and started removing the Indians from their homes and the path they took is now known as the Trail of Tears (Beshwate Lecture 7). Madison did this just for the promise of votes so he could become president. This in my opinion is why I think the presidency has gone down hill. Its not about helping the country anymore, but helping the people even if what the people want is

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