Essay about Transformation Of Cellie Through Four Stages

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Transformation of Cellie through Four Stages
Just as butterflies transform and evolve, so did Alice Walker’s main character in The Color Purple. Cellie, the main character, had transformed and evolved in the story. Throughout Alice Walker’s novel, The Color Purple, Cellie went through four Stages, and transformed from a weak girl into an independent woman. This novel showed how Cellie’s wings are cut in childhood, but she flew with Independence.
The first stage of her road to transformation was her childhood. Cellie had a terrible childhood. She was weak and had no courage to fight back. Alfonso constantly raped Cellie. Alfonso was her stepfather. In her diary, she wrote about her struggle. She confessed about her rape, and how much it hurt. Cellie mentioned her sick, dying mother which she had to take care of while she was pregnant. Cellie got pregnant twice with Alfonso’s children. She was the mother of a boy and a girl. After their birth, Alfonso snatched the children away from her, whom he sold to the local missionary. Cellie was under a misconception that the kids were dead.
Throughout the novel, a majority of the letters are addressed to God. The reason for this is Alfonso’s warning to Cellie. He ordered Cellie "You better not never tell anybody but God. It 'd kill your mammy" [sic] (Walker 1). Cellie was silenced in her childhood. Cellie is forced to hide her struggle and was restrained from sharing with anyone due to her fear. Cellie was in a place where she…

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