Analysis Of The Minimum Conception Of Morality

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In class and in The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James & Stuart Rachels, I learned about the Minimum Conception of Morality (MCM). There are two key elements which make up the Minimum Conception of Morality. The first part states the moral judgments must always have good reasons for the decision. This often is confused with what they feel and not actually facts. The second part is that morality must always be impartial, and take all stakeholders into consideration without being bias. I will be using MCM along with pure logic to arguing against Cultural Relativism, Ethical Subjectivism, Divine Command Theory, and Ethical Egoism.
Cultural Relativism essentially talks about how people from different cultures have different moral codes. Each
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There are no real facts, therefor, no one is correct. Essentially both parties state how they feel and that’s the end of it, there is nothing to debate because the theory views it all as opinions. Due to the fact there are no facts with this theory, good reasons cannot exists. This does not fit into the first part of the MCM, however, the second part of MCM is fulfilled. Since everything is an opinion and everything is just accepted, then there is not a bias and that is exactly part of the MCM requirements. This opinion based theory is similar to The Divine Command Theory, everyone has opinions on religion and have the option to follow …show more content…
The first is everything is built into the order of the world already, making everything predetermined. The second part is how it ought to be, and not always how they are. That means even though it is predetermined what could happen, people still have the free will to choose what to do. The third is we are beneficence creatures. All because it is said to happen, that does not mean it is actually going to happen. This is a problem with the theory, it is ought to happen, not a fore sure thing. Another problem is that people care more about themselves rather than other people. Logically this proves that the Natural Law Theory is not as accurate is it

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