Moral Relativism Essay

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Views on Moral Relativism Relativism is one of the main concepts of ethics. Most moral theorist relate to ethics within their articles that they had written, either being against moral relativism or being supporters. Throughout Mary Midgley’s article “Trying Out One’s New Sword,” she argues about the problems that are related to moral relativism. Another philosopher, John Arthur wrote an article “Religion, Morality and Conscience,” which also addresses the issue of relativism from the perspective of foundationalism. Both Mary Midgley and John Arthur have respective solutions towards this controversial issue.
Moral relativism has the idea of moral isolationism. Anything in your culture goes; outsiders have no room to criticize about that culture, because they lack knowledge about how that culture functions. This is considered a general ban on moral reasoning. Although this concept isn’t great for our society, it has a greater success outcome compared to absolutism. In Mary Midgley’s article, she discusses the issues with moral relativism. She claims that although moral relativism doesn’t have the greatest outcome, it is a way to view different cultures. Every culture does something based on their religion and or
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One of the first major problem that moral relativism poses for ethics would be that people could abuse it and use it as an excuse for some of the decisions that they make. Perhaps, they are doing something that is seen as immortal to majority of cultures, but they claim that it is moral because they have seen in other cultures that it is morally accepted because it fits the beliefs and or customs that a certain may have. Another issue that may pose a problem for ethics would be that moral relativism leads to absurd conclusion, and changes our ability to deliberate straight and make certain opinions about moral or ethical issues. If there is absolutely no moral law than there is no foundation for

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