What Is The Pitfalls Of Ethnocentrism

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According to Andersen Margaret and Taylor Howard in their book titled the Essential of sociology, Ethnocentrism is judging people or things based on our own beliefs, cultures and experiences. On the other hand, Cultural relativism stipulates that there is nothing right or wrong if we see things based on the cultural context.
September 11th was a very devastating day in America due to the destruction of the world trade Centre and the loss of thousands souls. Ethnocentrism might have contributed to this attack in the sense that, the civilians who carried out the terror attack belonged to the subculture called “radical Islamic or Al Qaeda,” which believes in a society of dictatorship, inequality among human beings and superiority of their culture
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One can think that the American’s government felt into the pitfalls of ethnocentrism by trying to prove that all people or nation who does not support them are enemies. The United States Citizens were more united and solidified after the attack and they started discriminating and hating all the subcultures or nations with any sort of radical Islamic …show more content…
Many people find it impossible to understand the behaviors of others. Nevertheless, being educated and being comprehensive can make individuals to be less ethnocentric, because well-educated citizens tend to understand and process more complex situations better. However, it’s somewhat utopic to believe that someone can be completely non ethnocentric, because we are born and raise differently and have different thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, it is difficult for someone to interact with people of other cultures without comparing their behaviors or system of values to one’s own. For example, I had a friend who came from Guinea and each time she comes to our home, she behaved so weirdly and would never drink nor eat anything we offer her. I felt very bad and went I found out that it was a cultural thing, I understood that it is the way she was been taught.

Ethnocentrism is judging someone’s culture from the perspective our own cultural believes and experience, whereas patriotism is having love for your country. Ethnocentric behaviors have a negative connotation because usually they promote extremism or extremist behaviors against people of the opposite culture or ideology even within the same country. Whereas Patriotism is the love for a whole country regardless of the constituent and differences among the population, a patriot is someone who can sacrifice

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