Essay on Training Design For A Training Program

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The training design for this training program is aimed for individuals in administrative assistant positions to learn how to perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word 2013. This program is offered through the adult continuing education department in my organization, where I have been hired as a trainer. This training course is a four-week course, three-hours in length, and meets once a week. Trainees are given two 15-minute breaks during the three-hour session. The training is provided in a lab classroom setting and set up for each trainee to have an individual workstation with a computer. Also, this training program teaches individuals in administrative assistant positions to perform a mail merge document from start to finish. Moreover, most administrative assistants are required to use mail merge for sending correspondence both internally and externally within the organization. First, the introduction to the training program is very important for conveying important information to the trainees, such as the topics covered and the learning objectives. Next, the content for the training session is provided to the trainees in a clear, appropriate, and logical manner. Lastly, numerous training methods invite involvement using a variety of different methods, and how these methods are appropriate for stimulus variation and suitable for adult learners enrolled in the training program.
For the first session of the training program, I, as the trainer, introduce…

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