Disadvantages Of Blended Education

School, it is one of the most significant parts of a person 's life. A time when information is taught to students and is later applied to their future occupation. A time that is crucial in human development and provides a foundation for the rest on one’s life. If it is such an important part of a person’s life, then shouldn’t we maximize our efforts to provide the best possible education to students; an education that will maximize learning and provide benefits for our future? Many parents and students have agreed that education should be taught to its full potential and yet, believe that either a traditional education or an online education is the best option. There are many parents and students who have a strong perspectives one either side …show more content…
He is currently in 4th grade and his teacher has instituted this program for the classroom. I have seen the positive benefits it has had on my brother and hopefully other students too. He is able to comprehend concepts and lessons better than before and ultimately, it has allowed him to further develop academically. Many teachers have also witnessed the benfits of blended learning nationally and have instituted the program into their classroom. Another positive aspect of this type of education is that it can be instituted and is applicable among every educational level from elementary students to those majoring in specific college degrees. Although there are many positives to blended learning, this is a program that requires student access to a large amount of technology which has caused controversy to arise among many parents and educators. This controversy can be settled through close monitoring of technology use to avoid it from becoming a distraction. For these reasons, the versatility of this program allows it to be one of the best options in today’s society for education. The benefits of the blended learning system is an amazing opportunity for students to acquire a solid foundation for education and future occupation. The institution and promotion of this program is aided through the use of technology in the classroom. It promotes a compromise between creating a diverse educational environment and still maintaining the traditional teaching methods of formal teacher instruction. There are countless benefits that will assist in academic development of students in our current education system that may be struggling or finding teaching to be

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