Creative Curriculum, Education, And John Dewey's Theory Of Education

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The history of the Creative Curriculum began in the United States, in the late nineteenth century. Many early theorists felt that there was a bigger need for a more meaning full way of teaching. John Dewey, was the man for the job. He developed a curriculum that would help students utilize the skills and knowledge they learned in the classroom. His idea of learning, “put a premium on meaningful activity in learning and participation in classroom democracy”. (WEB SITE). Because of Dewey’s research, many future theorists built on what he had found. A few years later, James, A. Beane developed a model off of Dewey’s. Beane felt that the material should be meaningful to the learner and should be of value to society. His model, “was centered on …show more content…
Because they can address multiple subject at once, the teacher can cover teach the material needed for testing as well as touch on subjects that are relegated. Teacher are once again able to include art, creative, culture awareness without giving into teaching for standardized testing. Another benefit is that children now can better apply the skills they learn to their experiences outside of the classroom. An important benefit is that it increases the medication children have in the classroom. It was found in some research that children performed better if it related to their personal interest and it was overall an enjoyable experience. Creative Curriculum, promotes student group work as well as cooperation. With group work, creative increase and there was a more positive feel in the classroom environment. It should also be known that this curriculum is not only beneficial for the children but also the teacher. With the teacher able to pick their thematic units that are interesting to their students and themselves, the can increase their own knowledge about subject’s thorough personal curiosity. This allows them more freedom when it comes to planning lessons and also allows them to include more creative and rewarding …show more content…
One limitation is that it is almost impossible for a teacher to ingrate multiple subjects into her lesson if she has not mastered each subject she will be teaching. Because of this, teachers must look for other resources or even get impute from other coworkers to help them gain the knowledge they might be lacking in some areas. This type of curriculum may also take time and at times a heaver workload. With that being said, teachers need to remain flexible while teaching, this is because some units may need more time for students to understand or something might spark their interest and they are seeking more information on that topic. An additional limitation is the support a teacher might need while teaching. Some teachers might be fearful of changing to a Creative Curriculum for fear of testing scores and might be unwilling to help you. The support you receive from your fellow coworkers is key in an education workforce. The administration may withhold support due to the materials required outside of the school. With the cost of materials increasing this might push them to not support what you are trying to do in your classroom. Finally the last limitation you could encounter would be parents. They know the important of the standardized testing. You must then show them how you are using the creative curriculum to teach the students what they need to know for the test but in a creative

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