Traditional Bullying And Cyberbullying

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Social media is a tool that people use to torment others. One of the negative things that people use social media for it to torment people. According to Hinduja and Patchin, cyberbullying is defined as “when one experiences a repeat of teasing on social media networks, e-mail and text messages (2014)”. In terms of cyberbullying, there are three questions that are frequently asked: how is cyberbullying different from traditional bullying, why is cyberbullying so common and why doesn’t the cyberbully gain a sense of when they have taken things too far? Cyberbullying is very different from traditional bullying in many ways. First off, traditional bullying is done in person and cyberbullying is done online. In addition, cyberbullying gives the …show more content…
According to Magliano, a cyberbully does not necessarily see the reaction of the victim, making it easier to engage in mean behaviors (2013).” This causes the cyberbully to have a reduce indication of when the bullying has gone too far. The cyberbully does not know when to stop because of the lack of face to face interaction with the victim, which reduces their ability to emphasize; therefore, the cruelty level will heightened. In addition, the cyberbully will less likely experience any feelings of guilt, which will causes them to further act aggressively. Many times, the cyberbully do not understand the how dangerous their actions are until their victim has pressed charges or commit suicide. Boanno and Hyme Writes “research has demonstrated significant association between victimization and serious internalizing difficulties (2013).” This means that when an individual is a victim of cyberbullying, it can cause he/she to experience feelings of depression and suicidality. The outcomes of cyberbullying spills over into the real world. The victims often feel frustrated and angry. Research has shown that there is a relationship between low self-esteem, lack of academic progress and family issues and other delinquent behaviors. Cyberbullying is a serious matter because it can affect’s one’s happiness and quality of

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