Cyber Bullying Paper

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Cyber bullying is an aggression that is done through the use of the electronic devices that we have in today’s era. In this kind of bullying, the use of insulting or threatening words, edited pictures and videos are shared or posted in social networking sites. It may sound so harsh but that is reality now. If you have noticed everytime you visit a social networking site, cyber bullying is always present. Have you ever thought of how it feels like to be bullied? For sure, it wouldn’t feel good after all. Cyber victims has gone through a lot and some people may have or may have not noticed it but these poor souls are struggling deep within themselves. Try to put yourself in their situation and you’ll understand how it feels to be one of them. So in this part of the paper, we will discuss the effect of cyber bullying. …show more content…
Some of these effects are lack of sleep, headache and not feeling safe in school. According to S. B. Laftman, the occurrence of bullying is subject to a higher risk of ill-health for all students in the class and not just for the victims and the bullies. (Laftman, et al: 2012). Tendency of cyberbullying is that it would create an unhealthy lifestyle and environment for every individual and because of this, the person limits itself from joining activities and socializing with others or some became aloof in order to avoid the bullies. Victims at times appear to be weak since they find their selves useless or hopeless because they were already

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