Social Impacts Of Information-Communication Technology Essay

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Negative Social Impacts of Information-Communication Technology
Information-communication technology (ICT) has mostly been beneficial for society making life significantly easier people with access to the technology. Unfortunately there have been some major problems that have arisen as a result of the developing technology. There have been cases of people being harassed online to the point of suicide, people significantly lowering their chance of getting a job and people having their internet banking and other important internet based applications hacked.

Case 1: Bank hackers stealing millions through the use of malware
From late 2013 until early 2015, hackers had been stealing money from over 100 banks in over 30 countries. They stole between
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He was continuously threatened and insulted at school but it was cyber bullying that took him to the put of suicide.
Ryan Halligan was bullied during and after school. The bullies started using social media to bully him, falsely claiming and teasing him about being gay. A popular girl at school begin messaging him online and pretended to have a crush on Ryan. Ryan then felt comfortable with sharing some personal information with the girl but he didn 't know this girl was sending this personal information to the rest of the school. When Ryan found out that the girl actually didn’t have any interest but to tease him and sent his personal information around the school online he committed suicide.
The nature of this issues is extremely severe, there are many people who have commit suicide after being cyberbullied. The people who are targets by cyberbullies are often very vulnerable and these people are most affected. Usually these people are young as the majority of people on social media are young people. If the person doing the cyberbullying finds the effects of their actions, it can have a huge effect on them as

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