Case Study: Trader Joe's Keeps Things Fresh

Case Study: Trader Joe’s Keeps Things Fresh
Carolann Stanek
University of Mary Case Study: Trader Joe’s Keeps Things Fresh
1. How does Trader Joe’s design jobs for increased job satisfaction and higher performance?
Increasing job satisfaction improves performance at Trader Joe’s. The company facilitates staff satisfaction by offering competitive wages, promoting within, and ensuring they higher soft-skilled employees, resulting in a customer-centered culture (Uhl-Bien, Osborn, &Schermerhorn, 2014). Trader Joe’s cross trains its employees allowing for increased efficiency and utilization and aims for low turnover rates controlling recruitment and orienting costs resulting in overall higher performance (Lariviere, 2010). Focusing on positive job satisfaction and high-performance has contributed to Trader Joe’s successful model and serves as a positive example to other businesses.
2. In what way does Trader Joe’s demonstrate importance of each responsibility in the management process: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling?
A fundamental philosophy of ‘do it right and with purpose’ is
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A review in Graziadio Business Review remarked that organizations should consider adopting Trader Joe’s model if they desire to have competitive business strategy and value of customers, however, it cautions that it is easier to imitate what is done over creating the established reputation (Mallinger & Rossy, 2007). An article in Forbes praised Trader Joe’s culturally rooted strategy as a target for other companies to strive for (LLopis, 2011). A report by Ton (2012), commended Trader Joe’s for investing in their employees, offering quality products, and maintaining low prices, an admirable goal for food retailers. Overall, the literature supports other businesses working to adapt and adopt Trader Joe’s practices to become their own business

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