Trader Joe's Case Study Analysis Essay

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Trader Joe’s has internally created a brand for its company using a different strategy as compared to other supermarkets. Its approach of effective relationship-building program pleases customers through unrivaled customer service. This case study presents many factors that play a part in their customer relations strategy. Trader Joe’s does not focus on advertising. Rather, it focuses on effective internal communications with employees to build strong customer relationships. Trader Joe’s takes a progressive approach to internal communications by allowing their employees to bring their own creativity to the workplace, by providing them with the context in which their role contributes to the business success, and asking for employees …show more content…
Furthermore, Trader Joe’s needs to continue to invest time and effort into their employees because the employees are the face of the company and they are responsible for customer loyalty.
Although this case study gives a unique insight into Trader Joe’s, it could go a little further into what it is like to work at Trader Joe’s and the role that the employees play in the company’s success. The case study draws on the perspectives of senior leadership, a customer, and a few articles. It lacks input from employees and managers who essentially are running the day to day operations of the business and responsible for customer relations. The case study does not provide any statistical information about Trader Joe’s customer or any information into the strategies used by Trader Joe’s to keep its customers happy. However, since Trader Joe’s is a privately held company, obtaining this information could pose a potential threat to the company by exposing more information than leadership would approve.
Overall, this case study illustrates that effective employee communications can greatly contribute to a company’s success. Trader Joe’s represents what is an effective brand by building a lasting relationship with its customers. These customers are even sometimes described as being “cult like” (Lewis ix) in their loyalty towards Trader Joe’s. This brand loyalty would not be

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