Tqm Ritz Carlton Hotel Essay

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Total Quality Management – Ritz Carlton Hotel

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1 Table of Contents 1. Company Profile ___________________________________________________________ 2 1.1 Company Products __________________________________________________________2 1.2 Main Customers ____________________________________________________________2 1.3 Operational Challenges ______________________________________________________2 1.4 Market Challenges __________________________________________________________2 2. Concepts and Applications of TQM ____________________________________________3 3. Ritz Carlton and TQM
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Most organizations implement all but one of the elements of TQM, and thus fail to adequately provide quality in service. Ritz Carlton hotel has devised programs for each of these elements in order to ensure that the customer gets the right service the first time, the service quality does not go down the next time and that the employees contribute towards greater development in order to improve the overall quality of the service. For effective TQM total commitment and strong leadership are extremely essential in order to identify and eliminate the wasted efforts and energy spent in an organization on a regular basis. The concept of TQM originated and developed in the manufacturing sector but over the years the concept has been redefined and adapted to be applicable to a service industry. In a service industry since usually there is no tangible product and the customer is directly involved in the service being offered, thereby applying TQM is not only critical but may also pose a problem to place quantifiable terms on the features that contribute to the quality of the service. “The Ritz Carlton hotel company implemented the Malcolm Baldrige quality program for effective quality management. And it became the only recipient in the service industry to receive

4 the Malcolm Baldrige award twice” (Mehrotra, 2003). This criterion has seven categories which

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