Tourism In Thailand Case Study

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The world tourism is growing rapidly in the past few years. This boom in tourism industry has increased economic benefit and given surge to millions of new jobs in many countries across the world including Thailand. For example, there are more hotels in many parts of Thailand, which this could provide million of jobs for local people within the country. Also, local people will be able to develop their language and tourism services skills in the real life. Therefore, the focus of this essay is to clarify both cause and effects of an increasing number of tourists in Thailand.
As most people know that tourism is becoming the major industry in Thailand. One of the reason why the number of tourists visiting Thailand increased is that Thailand
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Growing number of hotels in many parts of Thailand clearly shows that there are an overwhelmed number of tourists in the past few years. For example, more hotels and service businesses will soon to be open more than 40 hotels including the Fortune Riverview and Kasemrad Hospital, which located Chiang Khong town (Sritama ,2016). Chiang Khong town is one the economic area near Chiang-Rai that attract both local visitors and foreigners including Chinese, Laos, Malaysian and Japanese. Moreover, Erawan group plc is one of the greatest hotel that aiming to investment and expand more hotels in Thailand about 95 locations with more than 10,000 room in the next few years in order to satisfy the demand of visitors (Chinmaneevong, 2016). Next, apart from hotels, there are more flight and airline coming to Thailand. According to Airport of Thailand plc (2015) shows that there are new comers airline such as Beijin Capital Airlines, Mongolian Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Okay Airways, Jetstar Pacific Airlines and Thai Smile. This brought people from all over the world by the number of passengers in 2015 was 90.53 million (AOT report, 2015). This shows that Thailand has gained a huge benefit from tourism …show more content…
As there are more hotels, flights and attractions, local people tend to have jobs. According to World Travel and Tourism (2015) illustrates that travel and tourism has achieved 2,215,500 jobs directly in 2015. This covers employment by hotels, airline, travel agents, also activities of restaurants and transport services that supported by tourists. Moreover, shopping in Thailand is booming. Siam Paragon is the luxury shopping that ranked the sixth most talk in 2015 (“Siam Paragon, 2015). This place attract more than 250,000 visitors per day, which this gives hundred of works to unemployed. Furthermore, the increasing number of tourists in Thailand has improved the standard of living of local people. Due to the arrival of tourists, local people could possibly gain extra income; especially, those who were working on hotels, resorts and spa and taxi services. This is common sense that when the tourist increased, it will automatically boost the level of economy (“Economic impact”, n.d.). In addition, as tourism is the main industry in Thailand, this means language is very crucial. Those who working on tourism field should be interacted with multi-languages and cultures, which this will enhance the skills of local people (Fry, 2015). There is no need to pay for the school fee in order to practice language, but they will have more chances to practice everyday with the local

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