Spa Industry In Thailand Case Study

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This paper investigated the culture values of Thailand using Geert Hofstede’s value dimension theory, from power distant to individualism and from masculinity to pragmatism, and introduce the sympathetic pricing. Then give a brief introduction about the spa industry in Thailand. And main part is about combining the trend with the culture values in order to generate business ideas to meet consumers’ needs.
Introduction of Thailand
Thailand is an exotic and beautiful country with natural sceneries varying from white sandy beaches to fresh mountains and a country that is steeped in tradition, from religion and spirituality to the foods served on its people’s table to the direction in which one points one’s feet. Thai culture is also multifaceted
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In terms of the dimension uncertainty avoidance, Thais have a preference for avoiding uncertainty. Maybe it has a lot to do with the religious values of this country so that they tend to not readily accept change and risky.
Thai culture is more normative than pragmatic. People in such societies exhibit great respect for traditions and norms, a relatively small propensity to save for the future and a focus on achieving quick results.
Spa industry in Thailand
The perennial high temperature in Thailand causes fatigue and impatience among people. The experience of Thai spa can help with getting rid of the pressure and recovering the body and mind. Nowadays, both government and private sector have paid more attention on this aspect as can be seen from health campaigns and programs and Thai people are more health-conscious.
According to research on the spa industry, it is becoming more common for men to take care of themselves. Men are becoming more interested in wellness and beauty treatment as well. Of course, there are quite some differences between male and female spa consumers. Male spa consumers visit the spa often with their spouse or partner.
The social aspect of visiting a spa is quite prominent now. A high proportion of
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This is because appearance has become increasingly important to many of them, with some thinking that cosmetic surgery will help them to get ahead in life or land their dream job. In addition, local consumers demand result-oriented spa more than before, such as skincare that targets specific problems (whitening, anti-aging and cellulite) and the therapeutic massage for ‘office syndrome’. In order to meet the requirement, beauty packages can be generated. The spa packages extend the spa experience beyond a single spa treatment. Spa center could offer ready-made spa packages as well as letting people choose their own facials, massage, body treatments and beauty services to create a tailored spa packages. Also, packages of buy a course of 5 and get the 6th free could be also an option. For long-term packages targeting on local consumers, spa center can offer packages with customized spa plan with an orientation solving specific

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