The Importance Of Proper Order In Society

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Humans are always striving for something, be it success, happiness, or to achieve a particular goal. Depending on a person’s individual way of living and their culture, those ambitions may differ. In East Asia, the goal for most people is to achieve proper order within the institutions surrounding them. Proper order is utilized to create preconditions and achieve and maintain a balanced life. The concept of proper order is, in part, based on the idea of the universality of wanting control. This idea maintains that there are proper states for everything, humans and societies included. These proper states, however, differ in that “heaven has its proper seasons, earth has its proper resources, and humankind has its proper order” (Lecture 9). …show more content…
At every level of society, be it the family or even the state government, the idea of proper order stipulates that there is a manner in which human relationships can be organized to create a beneficial system for living. Individuals within these institutions wish to live in proper order because when carried out appropriately, proper order allows systems to flourish. While proper order is not necessarily the “ideal” way of living, it ultimately paves the way for people to collectively live in relative prosperity. The structure of proper order and its principles can even be utilized to constructively criticize the management of institutions and improve the overall functioning of such systems. It is not, however, simply a fantastical and idealistic ideology regarding how people should live. Instead, it is a very real and palpable way of governing and guiding people towards a more beneficial way of living. There are two influences of proper order applicable to individual humans. The steps to achieving proper order include positively impacting how individuals live their everyday lives. One goal is to improve people both materially and morally. Individual’s material lives would become enriched while the moral aspects of a person would become educated and informed. This allows people to adhere to the proper order in a manner that helps everyone …show more content…
The needs of the people and their wants are a primary part of what proper order promotes and protects. While some governments tend to act selfishly and for their own benefit, proper order attempts to ensure that governments will instead focus on assisting the people they serve. A major consideration throughout the process must be how things will affect the involved peoples and, in the instance of government, if things will hinder or help people. Assessing the costs and benefits is important as doing something for people is useless if it costs the people too much in comparison to any resulting gains. While this may seem unfair for the people in the government or institution to focus so much on helping the people they serve, they too are included in said people as they are a part of that same society. However, while they can make sure as to not hurt themselves, they cannot act in a manner that will benefit themselves only to end up hurting others as a result. Governments have to keep in mind that all people have a similar basis in that they dislike overtaxing and unjust methods such as torture and humiliation. This guides the methods that institutions use to try and create proper order. In order for proper order to successfully be utilized and implemented, there is a hierarchy of sorts that is established. This hierarchy allows there to be a chain of command in which things can

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