Police Brutality In Writ Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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In 2015 there have been many reoccurrences in the media of police brutality. What is one supposed to do other than be submissive to the higher authority? Is standing against their actions worth the consequences? This is questioned in, “The Crucible,” written in 1952 by play writ Arthur Miller regarding the Salem witch trials of 1692. Authority plays a big role in any society, whether it be religious leader, law enforcement or the government. Social pyramids give more authority to some and less to others in order to enforce the law with hope that everything can run smoothly, and everyone aims to work for the greater good of the community. But what happens when chaos ensues and people who hold the authoritative power become irrational? …show more content…
Proctor exposes Abigail for the fraud she is. She still lusts after him and will not stop until she gets what she wants no matter the cost. Her goal is to get rid of Goody Proctor so she can have John all to herself. She is then hurt when John tells her that it would never happen. If the witch trials did not exist, Abigail would not hold any kind of authority. She has this power because she created the hysteria. She longs for attention, of any kind, so by creating this illusion of mass hysteria she is able to control the people around her to do and think what she wants. She is the mastermind behind this scheme. The temporary authority that Abby has makes her able to control the situation, and her decisions are dominated by her emotions of vengeance, jealousy and lust. Authority figures who carelessly act on impulsive emotions like Abby, have intentions of only benefiting themselves, and are not concerned of the impact their decisions have on others. Abigail’s intent was to get rid of Goody Proctor so she could be with John, but she hurt many people along the way. Betty, her cousin for example. Abby threatened her not to tell what they drank in the woods that one night. Another person Abby manipulated was Mary Warren. Mary was the Proctor’s servant and she knew about Abby’s vengeance against Goody Proctor and she also knew about the affair. One day Mary brought home a poppet she made for Elizabeth in court. Only later a needle was found stuck into the doll, and Abby was also stabbed with a needle. This was all to frame Elizabeth, and it worked because she was charged with murder. Mary was afraid to tell the truth because she was scared of Abigail. Abby was the one who put the needle in the doll, and threatened Mary not to tell anyone. Abby stabbed herself just to send Elizabeth to jail. Mary tells the Proctors’ the truth and John threatens Mary into testifying

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