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Things to do / Places to see in Iceland
Iceland, a beautiful country which is a Nordic Island Country located between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The capital of this geologically active country is Reykjavik. The population of the Republic of Iceland is about 332,529 which make it a less populated country of Europe. Iceland is a place where you can enjoy a pleasant weather, summers are cooler and temperate. This country is rich in natural beauty which attracts the tourists. Here you can find the best places to visit in Iceland.
Dettifoss waterfall
It is an amazing waterfall in Iceland, which attracts the tourists and entertains the visitors. It is in the glacier river Jokulsa a Fjollum and flows from the glacier Vatnajokull. It
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Now, you have chance to see a volcano with your own eyes. The Volcano Hekla is waiting for you with its eye-catching sight. People call it, "Hell's chimney", and it is like a small furnace which creates some fear among the people. Hekla and its roots have inspired the artists and film makers.
If you like to experience something completely different in Iceland, you should visit this sight, but keep yourself safe.
Reynisfjara Beach
As we mentioned earlier, Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, in Reykjavik, there is a sand beach, black sand beach called Reynisfjara. It is surrounded by Reynisfjall Mountain, and often uphold by North Atlantic storms, titanic rocks etc. Here you can enjoy the sight of strange dark caves and beautiful sea.
From this area, at some distance there is Dyrholaey which is a large pillar of dark lava forming a peninsula which provides a beautiful view of myrdalsjokull glacier.
Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
The northern part of the Westfjords is called Hornstrandir due to its structure. It is a Cliffside peak which is at 534 m above the sea level. It provides the habitat for the large seafowl colonies on earth. This area was isolated due to less communication sources and less technological development. But now there is an increasing number of visitors, resulting in the increasing
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It is the most popular geyser of Iceland. Some other geysers are found in Haukadalur.
Iceland, a beautiful country, is rich in beautiful attractive mountains having lava fields and green valleys. Landmannalaugar is an area of Iceland having multicolored rhyolite mountains, lava fields and Hekla volcano, making an attractive tourist place. You may feel that you have reached to a different planet due to beautiful landscapes. You are free to visit there anytime but summer is the best time to go there.
Landmannalaugar is the place where you can explore the interior beauty of nature. The attractive, beautiful lava flows over the Mountains forming multicolor looks. Clear Blue lakes add in the beauty of Landmannalaugar.
Kirkjufell Mountain
If you want to observe the pure, beautiful, mind blowing combination of plain grounds and Mountain peak, then visit Kirkjufell Mountain in the western Iceland near a small town of Grundarfjörður. A beautiful mountain is situated like a king in a plain landscape. The amazing waterfalls strike the mountain and admire its beauty.
The most attractive thing is the view of this mountain in the day time. You can easily reach there on bus from main

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