Lassen Volcano Research Paper

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Lassen Volcanic’s geology is very interesting. The terrain has been influenced from many different natural occurrences from 25,000 to 18,000 years ago. Referring back to the May 22, 1915 eruption, the active volcano created a great deal of devastation and depressions; known as the Devastated Area. The devastation caused has an area of three square miles. Volcanoes are common at Lassen. In fact, Lassen is home to all four types of volcanoes, which are shield, cinder cone, plug dome, and composite. One of their shield volcanoes is Mount Harkness and it is circular and broad. It began to form from consecutive floods of liquid lava that traveled great lengths. The cinder cone volcano resembles a large ant hill. It is composed of cinders, rock, and ash; they loosely pile …show more content…
Parts of the jagged landscape are smoothed out though by the frequent snow. Other features include U-shaped valleys and volcanic remnants. There are five mountains found in the park. The most popular is Lassen Peak. South of Lassen Peak is Bumpass Mountain, a grand 9,236 acre Mount Tehama, Cinder Cone with a height of 750 feet, and a lava dome, which is Chaos Crags. There are thirty lava domes all over this national park and Chaos Crags is the youngest, near 1,000 years old. The most well-known lake of eight is Manzanita Lake. It is in northwest section of the park, taking up about a half mile of land Manzanita Lake has an altitude of 5,847 feet, filled with native fish, such as rainbow trout, and is surrounded by white fir, lodgepole pine, willow, mountain alder, Jeffrey pine, and the shrub manzanita. Glaciers play a huge role for Lassen Volcanic National Park’s geology. Glaciers erode and make glacial valleys; Mill Creek Canyon and Blue Lake results of this. Two of the park’s waterfalls are King Creek Falls and Mill Creek Falls. Mill Creek Falls has a very narrow chute compared to King Creek Falls. Mill Creek Falls also has seventy feet drop. There are numerous geological features Lassen

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