Tomorrow When the War Began; a Relatable Text for Australian Teens

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Tomorrow When The War Began - Essay

For a novel to appeal to the target audience the characters, setting, point of view and themes have to be relatable. Tomorrow When The War Began (TWTWB) by John Marsden is a relatable text which Australian teenagers can relate to. When Ellie and 7 of her high school friends return to Wirrawee from a trip to Hell before school break is over they suspect something is seriously wrong. Power has been cut, animals are dead or are dying and family members are no where to be found. As Ellie and her friends soon discover, they are at war. Wirrawee has been invaded by an unknown country for unknown reasons. Ellie, along with her friends have to fight for survival. Relationships are tested, trust is built and
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John Marsden has included the theme of relationships in TWTWB. Throughout the novel relationships are formed between characters. Friendships are created, tested and strengthened through series of events and challenges which the characters come across. Fi and Homer are two completely different people. Homer is the troublemaker of the town, a country boy and lives on a farm where as Fi is from in town. She lives in a big house and is most likely to be found “playing piano than drenching sheep”. Homer lacks in confidence as Ellie found out. He found Fi a bit of a challenge. He would compare himself a lot to her and doubt himself about their relationship and his own personal standards. “He’s shy with me but confident when he’s in a group.” They dared to cross the social boundaries they have between them and start a relationship. Australian teens can relate to this easily. When it comes to relationships we tend to compare ourselves to the person and the standards we expect ourselves to be at. We tend to associate social status with the relationship as well. Like Homer, some teens are scared to get into a relationship with a person because of social status and how it isn’t ‘accepted’ in society as a teenager to date someone with a lower or higher social status than you. This is why TWTWB appeals to so many teenaged readers; We can relate ourselves to the characters in the book and have a greater

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