Tom Brady And Eli Manning Essay

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Tom Brady and Eli Manning are two great NFL quarterbacks, but Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Tom Brady have won four superbowls in his career. Tom Brady have also won back to back super bowls in 2002 and 2004. Eli Manning has only won two superbowls in his career. Tom Brady have been in the Nation Football League for 15 years now and Eli Manning have been in the National Football League for only six years, meaning Tom Brady has had more experience and time on the field. Nine times out of ten, Tom Brady and Eli Manning play each other and the win has always gone to Tom Brady team.

However, Eli Manning is Tom Brady are each other 's biggest competition. Whenever they get together to play a Football game the game is also close and both quarterback have to make sure they are at their best. If not the other team will win. Every time they face off Tom Brady averages 400 plus passing yards and five touchdown passes and Eli averages 345 plus passing yards and three touchdown passes. The key reasons why Tom Brady have so much success in beating Eli Manning and all the quarterbacks in the league is because Tom gets rid of the ball faster than any other quarter, and also he understands is wide receivers more. However Eli manning did beat Tom Brady one time and end their winning streak but not only did he win he later on during the season to win the superbowl, but also Tom brady won NFL MVP back to back in 2003, and 2004. Tom Brady was not even first or second…

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