Tok Article Analysis, Children's Boredom in School Essay

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September 13, 2011

The author of this article talks about the school system in North America and tries to reveal to us the tricks and traps. The author—Gatto—is a teacher in New York and is stating that he does not favor our schooling system. The article deals with the problems of boredom, is there necessity of it, the real purpose of school, and what schooling is doing to create addicts and ‘older children’. However, Gatto does not only show us the problems of our school system, but also reveals us to his solution. This article was made to show that school is not necessary, but education is still needed.
Boredom is clearly in our school systems. Many kids are bored in class, many already know what they are learning but some are bored
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Lastly, is that some will not fall as victims to ‘the system’, they will be pulled out at a young age and taught how to run the society. All of these fact were not chanted by Inglis alone, Horace Mann and George Peabody campaigned for similar rules. However, people still fell victim and some like J.D. Rockefeller made huge profits.
Gatto’s last argument that marketing, the structure of our world, need addicts and children. School is a way of turning our children into addicts. It strps them of responsibility and encourages them to develop an emotion of greed. They will grow older but never grow up. He says that school are factories that build our pupils to laid down specifications. Now, all over our world there are examples of maturity being banished. There is no need for self-control. People are now taught to buy, just to buy; the same actions of addicts.
Gatto outlines a good example of why our school is terrible. Boredom is clearly in our school systems, people in our world do not really need school just an education, it doesn’t matter how they get it. We find out many peoples real purpose of school and we realize that our school system is a terrible way of making everyone the same and to become addicts. This article was made to show that school is not necessary, but education is still

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