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TOEFL Secrets
Your Key to TOEFL Success

From the desk of Tom Paulson, Director of Test-Taking Strategy at TOEFL Secrets, May 5, 2002Dear future TOEFL Success Story: Congratulations on your purchase of the most advanced test-taking manual for the TOEFL. Notice I did not say study guide- there are plenty of decent study guides on the market, but that was not our objective in writing this manual. Our goal is to seek and exploit specific weaknesses in the TOEFL assessment, and then share those secrets with our customers. Let’s be perfectly honest here- you’ve worked hard enough in the past, and if you want to spend hours in a study guide to boost your score, that’s a great thing to do. In fact, we recommend at least a brief review of some
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Third, go through at least one official practice test with the manual at your side and apply the strategies. We believe three practice tests to be the maximum benefit, the first time with all strategies except time (take as much time as you need), the second time with all strategies and time constraints, and a third time without the benefit of the open manual to refer to during the test. See the appendix for the exclusive list of practice test sources we believe to be valuable. Quick tip- there is no greater waste of time than studying practice tests written by anyone other than TOEFL. Finally, bring the manual with you on test day and study it before the exam begins.

Your success is our success
We would be delighted to hear your TOEFL Success Story. Drop us a line at and tell us your story. Thanks for your business and we wish you continued successSincerely, The TOEFL Secrets Team

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SECRET KEY #1 – TIME IS YOUR GREATEST ENEMY. .................................................................. 1 SUCCESS STRATEGY #1

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