To What Extent Did The Involvement Of Foreign Countries Affected The Nature Of The Korean War

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The main objective of this essay is to answer the research question ”To what extent did the involvement of foreign countries affected the nature of the Korean War ”. In order to understand how the foreign involvement affected the characteristics of the Korean War it´s important to comprehend the origins and causes of the Korean War, background research has been made in order to familiarize with the topic and gain a general idea of the topic. For example, the actions taken by Syngman Rhee of boasting about attacking North Korea, was a contributing factor which led the North Koreans to attack South Korea in 1950 and eventually contributed to the beginning of the War. In addition, considering the historical era in which the Korean War took place, aspects of the current world situation at that time, such as the Cold War were closely analysed. This incorporates the National Security Council Report 68 (NSC-68) and the current tension/competition between Russia and USA. Taking into account the reasons of foreign involvement and eventually comparing the contribution of the Western bloc Powers (USA & its Nato allies) and the Eastern bloc (The USSR & its communist allies such as China) in the Korean War.

After conducting research based on various perspectives ( including Korean, American, British, French and Chinese) from diverse sources, a conclusion was achieved, declaring that the foreign intervention, mostly by US and Russia, generated a negative effect on the Korean War…

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