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The MPEG-7 Description Standard1
Nina Jaunsen Dept of Information and Media Science University of Bergen, Norway September 2004

The increasing use of multimedia in the general society and the need for user-friendly effective multimedia retrieval systems are indisputable. The fact that effective retrieval is reliant on complete and thorough description (among other things) is also fairly agreed upon. Various standards for the description of multimedia are being developed and some exist already. Typically such standards tend to be specialised for certain applications or domains leaving only a few representing general-purpose multimedia description. As of today, the MPEG-7 seems to be recognised as the most complete general-purpose
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Nina Jaunsen

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An overview
MPEG-7 offers a comprehensive set of audiovisual description tools including metadata elements and their structures and relationships defined by the standard in the form of Descriptors and Description Schemes. The main elements of the MPEG-7 standard: • Description Tools: Descriptors (D), defining the syntax and semantics of each feature (metadata element), and Description Schemes (DS), specifying the structure and semantics of the relationships between elements, which may be both Descriptors and Description Schemes. • A Description Definition Language (DDL) to define the syntax of the MPEG-7 Description Tools and to allow the creation of modified/extended/new Description Schemes and/or Descriptors. • System tools, to support binary coded representation for efficient storage and transmission, transmission mechanism (both for textual and binary formats), multiplexing of descriptions, synchronization of descriptions with content, management and protection of intellectual properties in MPEG-7 descriptions etc. The overall main tools used to develop MPEG-7 descriptions are the description definition language (DDL), the Description Schemes (DSs) and the Descriptors (Ds). Descriptors typically represent quantitative measures binding a specific feature to a set of values. Description Schemes can be interpreted as models of the real world

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