Brick And Mortar Business Case Study

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Tips for Brick and
Mortar Businesses
By: Rachel Lions Tips for Brick and
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Tips for Brick and Mortar Businesses
By: Rachel
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I have seen a lot of brick and mortar stores that have gone out of business due to several different reasons and we will cover that in this eBook. The main objective of this eBook is to give tips to small businesses especially, brick and mortar businesses. In this eBook we will learn:
• Problems of Brick and mortar stores
• Solution to the problem
• Tips on how to improve your services

Problems of Brick and Mortar stores
• They lack customers and sales.
• They cannot keep their customers.
• They cannot manage their money well so they get into debt.
• They don’t have proper
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They were able to acquire a name of a reputable brand in the salon industry even though they are only starting which Salon A failed to make even though it has established long-standing service to the people in that location. Salon A could have built their brand through the use of social media to let people know about their experience and services Tips :
Customer Service
Salon A has been losing customers because of poor customer service issue. This can result to limiting the number of staffs being hired.
If Salon A was able to have quality guidelines in terms of the level of customer service they provide, it would create a great impact. If they have established a good relationship with their customers, because of that relationship, they will keep coming back.
We should train our staffs well and ensure they show a willingness to help with a smile. It can create a positive impression and experience to our

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