Tic Tac Saturday Swot Analysis

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Friday. These daily promotion have helped increase the number of returning customers, which has strengthened customer loyalty, in turn boosted overall sales.
Mentos Monday:
The first daily promotion takes place on Mondays. It features one of the most popular products that the store sells, Mentos. During this event customers are incentivized to purchase Mentos with a raffle ticket. Whenever a customer buys a pack of Mentos on “Mentos Monday”, they get to write their name on a ticket. A ticket is drawn at the end of every month, and the winning name receives a free movie pass, which were donated from the Rogers 18 Theatre.
Tic Tac Tuesday:
On Tuesdays the deal of the day is “Tic Tac Tuesday” where if you buy two Tic Tacs, you get one half off.
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This offer is if a customer buys two drinks at the full price they will receive their third one at a discounted price of 50% off. This includes the diet pop, Ice, water, and Arnold Palmer drinks, but excludes slushies.
Free Shocker Friday:
To boost profit on the slushies, when a slushie is ordered with the “shocker” flavoring, it is an additional $0.25. On Friday’s, customers who order the shocker flavoring will receive it free. The most popular, biggest selling item in the DECA Shop is the slushies. The only problem with this is the School Store makes little to no money on them. It has been converted multiple times whether the slushies are worth keeping in the store. To solve this problem the store created $0.50 punch cards, and for every 10 slushies bought, the customers will receive a free slushie. They also started to charge customers $0.25 for adding shocker in their slushie. The One Stop DECA Shoppe opened its doors in the second week of September. The daily deals were established one month after the grand opening. Store turnovers in the previous year averaged once every three months. After the deals were put in place, the average store inventory turnover is one

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