Tic Tac Case Study

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Tic Tac is one of the largest breath mint market which has been there in the industry for more than 50 years now. Their products line is faraway the most sold in the world due to their bigger and multiples factories and employees worldwide. They have been dominant all through their existence, when recently overtaken by Altoids with their the "curiously strong" mints in the metal container from Callard & Bowser-Suchard (Charles W. Lamb, Joe F. Hair, Carl McDaniel, 2011). The Ferrero Group felt the need to overcome their competition by presenting something new to the market which would attract new and more consumers. They did that with the introduction of new product line and with a new packaging altogether. The Ferrero Group created the new …show more content…
However, changes might create risks as well as benefits to companies. In our case, The Ferrero Group did not have any other options that introduced a total design of package and new breath mints. As said earlier, Tic Tac has been on the market for the past 50 years which means they have surpassed the introduction and growth stage of their products life cycle. The company has now reached the maturity stage life cycle which is define by fierce competitions. Considering the saturated market, they must have chosen between sales promotions, strong advertisements to remind and persuade their customers or redesign their packaging which is the best way to pull in more customers. Not every people could deal with change. A redesign of their packaging might bring to the company benefits like promotions which could help with reaching more audiences. A new package could also give a freshness to the product by protecting it, facilitates the storage, use and convenience of the products and finally facilitates the package recycling by reducing global warming. Nowadays, friendly methods are being encouraged by consumers. Thus, producing and living to the society/customers’ expectations could help build a more responsible brand. The new packaging might let the fanatics users of past Tic Tac perplexed which could make them switch to other products. The Ferrero Group will automatically lose their loyal customers. They should have just offered the new flavored breath mints in various packaging styles or offered samples of the new packaging before introduction. The main concern of a company should be meeting customers’ needs by selling them benefits instead of

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