Tia Reid's Reflection: Essay Of English 102

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Tia Reid’s Reflection Essay Of English 102
In English 102 is a more in depth develop course on intermediate writer style, presentation, perspective, and writing mechanics. On the first day of English 102, I looked to my right. I looked to my left. I looked to the front and the back of the class. All the students were present because there was not a single seat available. Midway through the semester there was more and more seats open. I asked myself was this course intense and difficult? Even through this course was challenging I did struggle with certain aspects of English 102, the knowledge that I’ve gained made me a better organizer, a stronger writer, and an improved speaker.
Oral Presentation
The very first day, Mrs. Opasta told the class everything the students needed to complete to be successful in the class. One of those assignments was an oral
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Del Tech’s requirement is that English 102 students must purchase the book. It doesn’t help students as much as it should. The book has a lot of information but it’s not straight to the point. Especially, when I tried to do my reference page, not once did I use the APA book. I felt like the book was confusing and useless. What saved me is the free PowerPoint that Mrs. Opasta provided for us, it explained APA very clear and I was able to follow it for my two researched papers.
On the second research paper, I wanted someone to check my APA reference page at the writing center. When Mr. Opasta graded my paper, there was a lot of points taken off for not having proper APA style. I’m not an expert in APA, that’s the main reason why I wanted to make sure I did it right. Even though I went to the writing center for help most of my reference page was wrong. It did not seem that they knew the proper APA style. I was frustrated and mad when I got my paper back. I went to the writing center specifically to not get a low grade for my APA

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