Reflection On Mexican Immigration

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Through My Eyes
Throughout my life I cannot say I looked at my parents as immigrants or ever afraid of being deported to Mexico. I am also the youngest of four so I also was not able to see why parents when they were younger and just being in America. I personally did not see a difference in races being born and raised in Dallas Texas, in a little town called Farmers Branch we were mostly populated with Mexican American with a smaller population of Whites, Blacks, and Asian. Although I did get a little bit of racial backlash from my parents towards other races telling me not to talk to white people because they are crazy, but yet are closest neighbors where white and still to this some of nicest people I’ve ever met. As well as telling me to
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Now I cannot say my parents were tradition because they were the whole nine yards from Catholic church every Sunday and Church school every Sunday as well as Posadas every Christmas time to worship the God and the Virgin Mary but being so rich in my Mexican Culture my parents also didn’t deny Americans culture of Halloween and not the dead of the day or Thanksgiving even when we only see it as giving thanks but not because it had something to do with Native Americans.
My culture being a Catholic Mexican American I had many different views compared to my different racial friends. I’m glad my parents did not completely shut me off from having different race of friends but they were of course skeptical off who I was hanging around with. II was able to choose my friends but also had to defend them constantly from the normal stereotypical views that come with the color of their skin safe to
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Assuming people are illegal immigrants from their color of their skin one aspect of being closed mind since America was founded on immigrants. Even our own president of the United States of America right now is not per say the main color of America that being white but still breaks boundaries of many racial people in this country. But when there is a candidate for the next term of president making outrages remarks on solely immigrants is making everything with have worked for seem like it was for no reason. Now President Donald J. Trump in 2017 has made his very first duty once in office to deport 11 million Mexican American immigrants back to Mexico and then build a wall on the southern border just to make sure no one comes to America illegally. Although many of the illegal immigrants may not be criminals but families seeking out for a better future simply doing nothing wrong but in trumps eyes their legal status will stay as is and not change but rather make them all go back to their native

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