Three Major Monotheistic Religions

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are 3 major monotheistic religions based in the tradition of the prophet Abraham. For the most part, due to their common heritage there are several similarities and differences between these religions. All 3 believe that there is only one God and that he is the origin and source of all creation. They also believe that God is just and has provided regulations for our benefit so that we may be considered righteous and acceptable in his eyes. If for any reason we abuse our freedom and go against God’s plans, we become evildoers and must attain repentance from him. Hence, all 3 religions believe that we owe God our devotion, obedience, and gratification. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are also hopeful about the future. According to their beliefs, evil and suffering will not prevail because God promises a future filled with bliss for all those considered righteous in his eyes. (Paradise) All 3 religions believe that we are to submit ourselves to the doing of God’s Will, which includes spreading the messages to others, helping people that are not capable of helping themselves, and being honest in all that we do. …show more content…
Islam and Judaism believe that there is only one God and he has no son or equal. Muslims (Islam) believe that Jesus was simply a prophet, not God or his son. Jews (Judaism) do not believe in Jesus because he’s considered a false prophet. Another difference between the 3 religions is their sacred texts. Christianity uses the Holy Bible, Islam uses the Qur’an, and Judaism uses the Hebrew Bible (Torah). They also have different forms of clergy. In Christianity, their clergy is referred to as priests, ministers, bishops, or pastors. In Islam, their clergy is referred to as imams and Judaism refer to their clergy as

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