Importance Of Religion In Ancient Civilizations

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Throughout the course there are many major themes that occur repetitively, which are: the establishment of law, the creation of government, achievements of societies, and the presence of religion in the different societies. These themes are evident in each society that was analyzed in this course, and each theme still has a relevance in society today.
The establishment of a law was a major theme and factor in many civilizations. Each type of civilization had different viewpoints on law. The laws created in each civilization were the determining reasons of the strength of the government. First, in Mesopotamia, the peoples followed a law called Hammurabi’s Code, the first law known to have been created. The codes created were to deal with both
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Religion was present in each society analyzed in this course, which makes it one of the most important themes. These religions vary from very polytheistic to forms that were strictly monotheistic. The polytheistic religions in the early civilizations were: Egyptian Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Hinduism. These religions followed many deities, which were worshipped by the peoples of the society. After these monotheistic religions started to appear. These religions only followed one omnipotent and omniscient God. These religions consisted of Christianity and Islam. Forms of religion have shaped people’s lives since some of the very first civilizations; guiding them in different ways of life and how to live their lives to the fullest. For example, the Islamic people had set of guidelines given to them by Allah which stated the many different was they needed to live life. These are laws are called the Sharia and are expressed in both the Quran and through Muhammad. While the Hebrews have the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God himself. As each civilization grew, the church grew too and became increasingly important in people’s lives, and by the late European era, the societies viewed the church as the most important thing in a person’s life. The people of the European society, then decided to elect a Pope to represent the people of Earth to communicate with God. Today the Pope is one of the most influential, and important persons in society. Another major significance in religion is that many of the books created in the ancient civilizations are still followed in today’s civilization. The two major books of religion, The Bible and The Quran, are still active roles in many lives today and two are still two of the major religions in the society, helping guide them in the way God wants them living. Another significance in ancient religious beliefs were the magnificent

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