Trust In Nursing Case Study

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Trust is an important value in nursing. It is what helps build a connection between the patient and the nurse (Rutherford). In the hierarchy of needs, trust is part of safety and security. When you build trust, it creates this value of safety for the patient. Trust can help relieve fear and anxiety as well as provide emotional safety (Taylor, 2014). It can be built through intrapersonal characteristics a nurse has (Dinc, 2013). Strategies to build trust include being honest about everything. Do not make up something if you are not sure, go and look it up. You always want to keep all of your promises as well. If you say you are going to be back in ten minutes, then make sure you are back in ten minutes ("Trust in the workplace", 2014). There must be mutual …show more content…
You must use all three domains to effectively teach your patient. The domains are cognitive, psychomotor, and affective. Cognitive is listening and repeating. Psychomotor is actually doing something. Finally affective is how the patient feels (Taylor, 2014). Your teaching will only change slightly depending of the cognitive level of your patient. Some teaching strategies for the cognitively impaired and sensory deprived older adult is using simple words. Refrain from using clinical terms and use short simple words when teaching. Ensure that it is the correct time for your patient to learn. The patient has to be in the right frame of mind to be able to learn. Listen fully to your patient. Make sure that your patient has all of their concerns and questions listened to and answered. Keep your teaching basic to allow for easy understanding. Do not try to teach a complex situation for a prolonged amount of time to your patient; you may lose their attention (Taylor, 2014). Patients with a cognitive impairment need extra time for understanding to prevent injury do to confusion (Blake, 2016). It is key to use the nursing process to develop a clear plan of your

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