Essay about Three Basic Types Of Fathers

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There are three basic different types of fathers in the world. The focus of this paper is to look at the fathers in the world who are more than just a child support check they help to where the child does not suffer any sociological or psychology damage because the father is not living in the household. This father would be in the Involved Father category. They are part of their children’s lives in every aspect. According to Dyer, Day, Harper (2014), there are three different parts that a father needs to be involved in, warmth and responsiveness, positive engagement activities, and lastly control (pp.516). While many fathers are being labeled as absent, they actually are an active part of their children lives and contribute to their children 's positive psychology by being active in their social lives, co-parenting, and supporting the children.
Agreeing with Dyer, Day, Harper (2014), a father’s involvement can also be judged in many different ways. For example a father might feel that he is being very involved and interacting with the child, a child might see or participate the feeling of the father being involved and lastly would be the mother or someone else who would observe this behavior of the father being involved (pp. 516-517). A father that is not living in the same household as the child can still be an active part of the child social life. Take for example, knowing what is happening in school and extracurricular activities that the child is doing after…

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