Things Where Hard For Me And My Family Essay

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Things where hard for me and my family in my early life. My parents had their first kid at the age of 18 then they had me 2 years later. We all lived in a one bed room 1 bath room apartment it was me my brother and parents living in a small apartment we were all living off my father’s 1500 salary month. My Father was a partying guy who would spend most of his money on beer and going out with friends while Mom take care of us. I didn’t see dad much when I was young would see him twice a week and only at night when he would come back from work mom in the other hand would take care of us all day long taking us to school and back cleaning and shopping she would not let us out of her sight. Parents would fight with each other a lot my mom didn’t want us to see but dad didn’t care so we would hear theme argue a lot and it was all ways how about my dad would spend his money. Mother would sometimes struggle to buy food for the house because of my father but my mom would all ways find a ways to feed us even if it was asking for a loans me and my brother never went hungry.
Then 2 years later they had another kid my lil brother he didn’t look like me or my brother he was as whit as snow with blond hair. At this point of my life Mom got a job and dad stop drinking and partying because of my lil brother and Mother found a job cleaning houses. Parents decided that they need a bigger place so they went looking for a house. Some month pass and they bought a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house.…

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