Essay about Things Just Happen

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Is there any type of explanation to justify or explain the way this world is now? If there is, what are those explanations for it? I believe everyone agrees with the fact we live in a very corrupted world where evil has taken over and has no control at all. We say there is evil people in the world but is there such a thing as that or is there a force that triggers them to do evil? Let’s be honest with ourselves, have we ever stopped for a second and actually think about all these questions? My answer is no. I have always thought the world is the way it is because there is too much liberalism and we take advantage of that in a negative way instead of a positive one. These are the type of questions a philosophy student would encounter with. …show more content…
In addition, one problem of evil is the excess of knowledge. Another one is the very controversial question; why does evil exist in the world if God is benevolent, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent? How can a God of love with all these qualities allow evil to happen everyday? Keep in mind there is two type of evil, moral and physical evil. It is difficult to answer that question but Jacky thinks is because he gave us too much freedom to do whatever we please without worrying about the consequences of our actions. My mom on the other hand believes evil exist due to indiscipline and for not obeying the word of God. She says that God is and acts like a parent, if you are not obeying or listening to your parents then you will be punished until you learn the lesson but this doesn’t mean they don’t love you, they are only doing it for your own good. We can see here the famous saying “Everything happens for a reason” Leibniz’s solution to evil is simple; the principle of the best that we live in the best of all worlds and the principle of pre-established harmony that everything is already planned ahead of us therefore nothing cant be changed. Isn’t it crazy to think about that God is so sure choosing the earth was the best choice for us because…? He is omnipotent therefore he

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