They All Just Went Away Mama Analysis

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Papa provides Raami with the will to happily survive through stories and the imagination, however, ironically, it is Mama who must provide her with the ability to survive, this is a result of their backgrounds. Papa grew up in royalty, he has lived a entitled life which effects how he views the world. When Papa talks to Raami about stories he talks with a hopeful poetic tone, reflecting his upbringing. The tone is demonstrated when Papa explains that "'Words, you see,' he said, looking at me again, 'allow us to make permanent what is essentially transient.' Turn a world filled with injustice and hurt into a place that is beautiful and lyrical"(106). Papa lives optimistically because he desires to transform the cruelty of the world into something "beautiful and lyrical" and believes that …show more content…
Everything beautiful in Mamas life was destroyed and stories could not distract her from reality. Years later Mama still obtains the same philosophy as she explains to Raami that "Stories are not. They're made up––so I thought––to explain what is to painful to say in simple plain language"(222). In Mama's childhood stories were not there to help her through the difficulties of loosing "Everything and everyone" so she no longer believes that stories are beneficial. Now, Mama deems stories as a negative distraction from reality or an explanation of "what is to painful to say in simple plain language". After the agony of loosing everything that mattered to her Mama didn't recognize the purpose of imagining and telling stories if they were not able to help her to survive. She lives so much of her life under the principle of survival that, unlike Papa, she wasn’t able to truly embrace her imagination. Ultimately because Papa possesses a childhood of love he was able to live with a free imagination whereas Mama is thwarted from the appreciation of stories and the

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