Theu.s. Homicide Division Of The United States Essay

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“This is not my interrogation.” She bandaged the cuts on her fingers with her crimson cloak by separating the seams with my knife. “Under normal circumstances, you would face immediate execution from your actions. There is no room for violators of the law in my world.” “That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?” “The day we become divided is the day we get wiped out by your world.” “That can’t be.” My world knew about this one and were threatening to end it?! Inwardly, I had known they would react this way; people are threatened by differences. They’d be completely massacred since they refuse to use guns. They couldn’t just remove the lives here, not again.
“You truly didn’t know this, did you?” The leader looked up at me and gave me a sad look.
“Who sent you, Kiana ihmurge first world? I know you are apart of the FBI Homicide division in the United States.”
Ihmurge. The word sounds like emerge with an emphasis on the transition between “e” and “m,” making a more distinguishable “h” sound.
“Since you know my name, I think it’s only fair thatyou return the favor, hentari ihmurge second world.” She seemed hesitant; she opened her mouth, but closed it again.
“Ihmurge ‘Laskuh,” she uttered after a moment. “Ihmurge second sistuh is not how we recognize ourselves, but ihmurge ‘Laskah.” She continued by saying: “I will inform you my name if you can answer the question I asked.”
“I wasn’t ‘sent’ here,” I answered. “I was just recruited to the FBI, so they haven’t informed of…

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