Impact Of Terrorism On Modern Policing

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In my thesis essay, I will be discussing how terrorism has affected modern policing the modern law enforcement approach. I hope to cover the information well and be direct in my finding of my study. For many terrorism is just a word we see every day on the news or in our text books but for law enforcement it can be a hazard for mankind. But to understand what terrorism is you first understand it definition, terrorism is the use of international force or violence by any group or a specific individual to achieve a political goal by creating terror. Terrorism is not an unplanned violent attack, it serves a very specific purpose and the purpose to serve as a threat to mankind. Terrorist are trained killers who know nothing but serving the purpose they are to fulfill, terrorist have no friends …show more content…
This model that is being developed focuses on an assumption that many terrorism acts and terrorist events are not even closely related to what is considered traditional crimes that would have anything to do with smuggling or minor considered crimes. It is argued as I can see from interpreting my own theory that the standards for being prepared for terrorism are unlike any other category of crime and has a different approach than that of normal crimes. I do feel with how terrorism has effected the modern policing method that it should be in a category by itself that focus on the risks along with how law enforcement should be prepared in case of terrorism. I learned a lot from writing this essay and feel that there have been major changes in law enforcement that requires them to be more detail in their work but also by working with federal enforcement they are learning all the proper training and are learning how to be a step ahead of terrorism. From this essay, I learned a lot but I also learned how to apply the concepts I learned in this class could help me foster a more in-depth understanding of my

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