Theory Of Culture Care Diversity Essay

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Nursing is a profession, so being a student; I can learn to socialize in to professional practice. This learning will help me to develop myself to the professionalism of nursing. I will develop the characteristics of autonomous and accountable of my practice. Not only that, I will be committed to my work and profession.
Being a member of a committee responsible for deciding which nursing research projects to provide fund for, I believe, who are the participants in the research have high priority. For example, whether humans are involved or not; the rights of participants’ have protected or not have high priority. Basically, every nurse should be and will be involved in minimum level of research. After I do any research in nursing, I will apply my knowledge in to nursing practice. If clinical are confusing, I will observe the problems and do some research from the reliable sources. I will gather informations to support my evidence based nursing practice.
Among all theories that I read and discuss in class, Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality best represent how I feel about nursing. It is not possible to learn every culture. However, Culture is the main thing that nurses need to consider when taking care of patients. In this diverse society, it is very important for the nurses to be cultural competent. So, nurses should be always prepared to learn others culture no matter if we like or not. An ethical dilemma that I am concerned in my nursing practice…

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