Theories of Personality Development Essay

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Course Code: CED 403
Course Title: Theories of Personality Development and Adjustment.
Number of Credits: 2 Credits
Course Duration: Two hours per week for 15 weeks (30 hours). As taught in
2010/2011 session
Lecturer’s name: ONIYE, Abdulrazaq Olayinka
Qualifications: B.A.Ed (Islamic Studies Education: Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University
Sokoto); M.Ed; PhD (Guidance and Counselling: University of Ilorin); Cert. (Data
Processing: University of Ilorin).
E-mail address:
Office Location: Room 15, Department of Counsellor Education, Faculty of
Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Consultation Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays 12-3pm (Wed), 3-5pm(Fri)
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Study Questions
1. How may you define the concept “personality?”
2. What in your understanding are the component parts of personality according to Sigmund Freud.
3. Describe with examples what you consider to be the impact of early life experience on personality development .
Reading List
1. Uba,2 A. (2010).Theories of personality. Claverianum Press: Ibadan. Pp 7-11
2. Ipaye,7 B. (1995). Guidance and counselling in Nigerian schools: Lagos: Chayoobi
Printers and Publishers, pp 199-202; 107-108.
Week 2: Concept of Ego Defense Mechanism
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to
• Describe ego defense mechanism
• Mention at least ten defense mechanisms
• Discuss clearly their view on the import of ego defense reliance on personality development
The week’s lecture focuses on defense mechanism and the import of reliance on them for personality development. There are several defense mechanism often employed by individuals with adjustment problems and they collectively or singularly determine an individual’s personality.
Study Questions
1. Elucidate on the term Ego defense mechanism
2. Identify ten different types of defense mechanisms you know
3. Explain the role of total reliance on ego defense mechanism on an individual’s personality

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