Evaluation Of Self Efficacy Theory

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Theoretical Evaluation
There are many factors that contribute to the strengths and weaknesses of being part of an organization. Before anyone such employees, managers, or those in the upper positions can recommend ideas to improve the strengths or solutions to the weakness, they should first consider some of theoretical concepts within organizational behavior.
The three positive factors that were most stated and highly rated in Raley’s employee survey include coworkers and their relationships, job variation, recognition and feedback.
One of the positive finding from the research was the relationships with employees. Having mutual trust, and respect for
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Raley’s allow for employees practice job rotation, so employees don’t feel boring. Job rotation also help employees increase motivation. The employees said that, “ I like that I can do a range of different things are one location, I get to walk around clean stock shelves.”(Appendix E). This employee like to do different jobs because he knows that he be able to do different jobs in the organization. This practice of Raley’s fall into Self-Efficacy Theory. This theory is defined as “An individual’s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task.” (Robbins 196). People who have high self-efficacy will face with the challenge to be learned and mastered. The employees strongly agree that job variation can motivate an employee to work …show more content…
The employees complain that “Raley’s can provide a better communication skill with employees” (Appendix E). This is shown that the employees hope they have more connect with the company and the manager give them a chance to talk about their opinion. The theory Y is related to lack of communication with the manager. Manager assumes that employees enjoy work and responsibilities. It’s good that manager trust the employees so it create a comfortable workplace, but it’s also bad because the manager don’t control and check up the workers which can make the employees decrease their effort. So Raley should use The Management by Objectives Theory to increase communication. In this theory, the manager and employees have an agreement for a specific goal with the time period and the feedback from the manager. When the goal setting, employees will know what they have to do to achieve it and make their own best plan under the manager objective. Moreover, if employees achieve their goal, it would increase their

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