Miller's Case Study: Working At The Workplace

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This is a case study monitoring Miller as he worked on the production line for 27 years. His current occupation is operating two sewing machine focusing on sewing pockets on shirts. Miller appreciates his career and intended on staying another ten years until the firm brought in a consultant who recommended job enrichment to improve productivity. Thereafter, Miller disapproved the changes as he was doing three jobs with the same amount of pay and considered that he can achieve another job without the hassle.

Organizational Level Problems
Miller firms, a clothing factory, has many stretch goals in order to become successful. This organization lack motivation from its employees, and the valence is not considered nor applied
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By developing cohesiveness with the employees or creating that atmosphere, recognizing setback may become easier. The need to creating work team to build interpersonal relationship is important in a company. Cross-training Miller may motivate him to accept additional task and to retain his commitment with this organization. Furthermore, interest group may assist supervisory in implementing changes with reduced complication. Miller is a veteran with experience and would be an excellence role incumbent to the organization. With this responsibility, a role expectations would be accepted by Miller to influence others. In this case, it is recommended that the supervisory apply gainsharing to increase the effectiveness of group working together. Before a supervisor create a group, identifying social facilitation may aid in deciding if Miller or his colleague would be involved in a group or work independently to increase performance. When interpersonal is involved, identifying the problem would be the key factor and defining objective to the solution would maintain safe work environment. Thereafter, making a predecision to resolve such drawback that would enhance the company

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