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Josh Colvin THEO 202-B06 Professor Marshall Wicks Eschatology: Is this the end? 7/7/16 Although there are several areas within theology that spark immense interest, eschatology seems to be the most intriguing. Concerning the majority of the Bible, things have already come to pass, history has already been written. However, with eschatology, this is not the case. Because so much is known about the past and so little regarding the future, eschatology is nonetheless a

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Pannenberg asserts that, “time is
continually disrupted and reconfigured by world-historical individuals, firstly Christ and
subsequently Napoleon, and it is moving to a point of fulfillment which will be reached when
philosophy attains its true end: Geist’s absolute self-consciousness expressed in philosophy.”
Although this statement holds some truth, especially concerning the event of Christ’s arrival,
there are some pitfalls as well. Not entirely cohesive with the Scriptures, Pannenberg’s argument
simply does not align with the unknown timeline represented within the Gospels. However,
Christ’s conception initiated a turning point concerning the countdown towards the Revelation
Era. In other words, Christ’s being conceived of the virgin Mary set forth the prophecies
depicted within the entire Old Testament, fulfilling God’s promise of future events. However, as
mentioned earlier, the time of arrival is unknown. Nicholas Adams expands on this by saying,
“the future is a gift from God, made known through Christ’s unique promise of the coming
Kingdom, whose fulfillment is reserved until the end, and which cannot fully be known until that
end.” As another form of determination concerning the end of time, Martin Heidegger is often
referred to when discussing such topics. In Heidegger’s dissection of what is to come, he
ultimately surmises that the end requires death and death is the result and representation of the
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