Essay on Themes Of War And Peace

1313 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
This course has exposed me to the various entities in play relating to the themes of War and Peace. This class has been full of downright shocking moments of disbelief in the reality of our government as well as filled with empowering moments in which I felt practical action was not only effective, but also plausible. Over the course of the semester, we each participated in strong lectures and discussions, some being more potent than others. These lectures and discussions deepened our understanding of the individual elements that play into war and peace. Each topic strengthened our understanding, in some way and has provided me with a greater knowledge of our political climate relating to both war and peace. Throughout the semester, certain lectures truly seemed to standout. This includes the first lecture of the course, relating to CIA Intelligence. The lecture was hosted by Andy Merrifield and related to the growing need for transparency from our government and intelligence organizations. He described the incredible amounts of altered and untruthful reports shared by our intelligence community to the greater country. Notably, I recall connecting to the point that these organizations are meant to be deceptive and therefore, we should not assume that the American people are not also being deceived. As American citizens, we have entered into a “social contract” with the government, which consists of: informed consent, free press, regulated elections, and minority rights.…

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