Seven Years War Essay

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The Seven Years’ War was one that had two imperialist superpowers engaged in battle over territory in North America. While Britain and France were the two major countries at play, other countries became involved through alliances, causing the war to become a possibility for the first global war. Nevertheless, the war’s main focus was in North America. Native American tribes were also involved such as the Algonquins, who sided with the French in battle; the Iroquois alongside the American colonists fought for the British. As for the front in America, scholars and writers have differing opinions as to whether the Seven Years’ War transformed the colonial life, causing them to push towards a revolution and independence. According to Fred Anderson, …show more content…
While the French were being defeated in Canada by the British around 1760, the British were simultaneously battling in the Indies, Europe, Asia, and more but the outcome in North America was the most important part. Ratified in 1763, the Peace of Paris transferred an ample amount of North American territory from the French and Spanish to British control. Britain acquired Canada, all of France’s North American territories east of the Mississippi River expect for New Orleans, and Spain’s Florida while the French were given back most of the sugar islands. The defeat of the French in Canada was unfortunate for the Native Americans considering that they could no longer play the French and British against each other, the British didn’t care about trading or negotiating, and the British were not against using violence to remove the Native’s so that the British could gain more land. This essentially changes the relations between the Native Americans and the British. However the most significant factor is that the French are no longer a threat to the colonists west of the Mississippi River. The colonists obeyed the crown for several reasons but one of them was for protection from the French. Now that the balance of power and territory has shifted, the colonists need not look to the British for protection against the French, giving the colonists one more reason to push against the crown leading up to the

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